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Pioneer Cabin December 2011

Pioneer Cabin was originally built by the Sun Valley Company in the summer of 1937 as a ski touring hut. Today, the cabin is a perpetual observer and guardian of the western front of the Pioneer Range near Sun Valley, resting at an elevation of about 9,500 feet.

When approaching from the traditional westerly route, the view is withheld until the last few moments. The highest peaks of the Pioneer Range come into view one by one as the saddle is crested and breathlessness from the exertion gives way to breathless euphoria. Finally, Pioneer Cabin becomes visible just below. I don't recall the first moment I experienced this, which surprises me. But after trips too numerous to recall, the feeling is just as powerful as ever and now span over 30 years.

This site is dangerous. Do I really want to encourage more people to visit, more traffic to invade the once pristine trails that lead to the doorstep? But this isn't about encouraging people to visit, it's about a tribute to one of the most historic structures in Idaho. I want to help tell the story, help people appreciate what we have right here in Idaho.

As the site grows and I have time to add content (please be patient), I am asking for guidance and suggestions. I am interested in forming a group to assist in the ongoing support and preservation of the cabin, while maintaining its availability and open door to all visitors. But that's for another day.

Who am I?

My name is Todd Schwarz and I began visiting the cabin in my late teens back at the end of the 1970's. I reside in Twin Falls, Idaho and my favorite pastime is exploring the Pioneer Range, including frequent visits to Pioneer Cabin.

Do you have a story?

I'm sure many of you have your own stories to tell about your experiences at the cabin. Since this site isn't interactive at this point, please get acquainted with our Facebook page.


I'm just getting started, so now is a great time to offer information and features. Contact me if you have specific suggestions or questions.

site author writes outside the cabin

arriving at Pioneer Cabin for a wedding

a stuffed bear has taken up residence